New York’s “Gotham Grind” was created in January 2019 and is currently only available as an event route (no free-riding).

Route Profile

This is figure 8 route which stays on the ground-level roads of the lower and middle Central Park loops. It avoids the upper loop (and thus Harlem Hill), giving this route a rolling profile with no substantial climbs.

The lower ground-level loop includes a sprint section, making this route ideal for events which include sprint efforts.

There are forward and reverse versions of this route. The reverse version travels north from the start pens, which means you do not ride through the start/finish banner until the end of the first lap. Therefore, we’ve created two Strava reverse segments: one beginning just after you exit the pens to cover your first event lap, and the other beginning at the start/finish banner for additional laps.

Route details:
Distance: 9.2km (5.8 miles)
Elevation Gain: 86m (281′)
Strava Forward Segment (Banner to Banner)
Strava Reverse Segment (Pens to Banner)Strava Reverse Segment (Banner to Banner)