Everyone loves a Ride On. Did you know there are two easy ways to give multiple Ride Ons with a single tap using Zwift Companion?

Give Ride Ons to Active Followees

A recent Zwift Companion update made it easy to give a Ride On to everyone you follow who is currently zwifting. Just tap the Ride On icon at the top-right of the app’s homepage, and you’re done!

To Nearby Zwifters

If you are actively zwifting but NOT in a group event, Zwift Companion lets you tap your location arrow and give a Ride On to up to 5 nearby Zwifters.

After you tap, you must wait a few seconds before you can tap again and give out 5 more.

Other Zwifters must be quite close to you for this to work, but it’s a fun way to show random Zwifters some love as you ride or run around. Sometimes I use this functionality to distract myself during long or difficult rides, making it my personal goal to hand out as many Ride Ons as I can!

A Note About Group Events

The nearby Zwifters multiple Ride On functionality used to work in events, but Zwift disabled it for everyone except the leader and sweeper (yellow and red beacons). This is probably due to data/server issues occurring when large group rides unleashed “thumbderstorms” where lots of riders were giving group Ride Ons concurrently.

Regardless of the reason, I know I’m not alone in saying I’d really like to see this feature come back. It’s when you ride in a group event that you most want to give Ride Ons to those around, but it’s very difficult to do so currently! Perhaps Zwift could allow multiple Ride Ons in group events once more, but increase the timeout a bit to reduce server traffic?

What About You?

Do you use the multiple Ride On features?