Find Your Zwift User ID

Find Your Zwift User ID

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Your Zwift user ID is something you need for two important purposes: logging in to ZwiftGPS and signing up at ZwiftPower.

In this post – the first of a series – I show you how to find it in a secure manner.

Part One: The log file holds the truth…

… or at least it contains your Zwift user ID hidden among the many log lines. This makes it very easy to find your user ID. Here are a couple of way to do it without you having to read through the log file yourself.

#1 – on Windows

Copy this line, press Windows+R, paste the line into the Run dialogue, and press Enter:

cmd /k find /i "player id" %UserProfile%\documents\zwift\logs\log.txt

The result is like this:


(You can just close the window when you are done)

#2 – on macOS

Copy this line, paste it into a Terminal window, and press Enter:

grep -i 'player id' ~/Documents/Zwift/Logs/log.txt

The result is like this:


#3 – with help from a web app

The app at does essentially the same as the searches above, just in a browser. You can drag a log file into the dropzone (look for log.txt in your Documents/Zwift/Logs folder or send it to yourself from the iOS version of Zwift).

In a moment your user ID will be shown:

Coming up: Part Two: Finding your ID on

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Jesper Rosenlund Nielsen

Jesper lives in Vejle, Denmark and has been zwifting since 2015. He rides with World Social Riders whenever possible and also runs ZwiftHacks, the home of ZwiftMap, ZwiftPref, and other tools and hacks for Zwift riders. Find him on Strava

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