Cyclists are a data-hungry bunch, and with Zwift we have more numbers in front of us than ever before! But some Zwifters want more metrics than the in-game display shows. Numbers like:

  • Average power
  • TSS
  • Calories burned
  • etc…

And while we can hit “G” to get a power and heartrate graph while we ride, what if we could access additional useful graphs or maps? Perhaps:

  • Power curve
  • A map showing the route ridden
  • HR distribution
  • etc…

Here’s how to access these numbers and graphs mid-ride.

More Details

The Fake Exit hack works just how it says: you pretend to end your ride, without actually ending it. To do this, just click Menu>End Ride while riding. This brings up your ride summary screen which shows some handy metrics in addition to an animated map of your ride and a list of Zwifters who interacted with you.

Click “Timeline” or “Critical Power” at the top to access additional charts and show your TSS.

Read to get back to your ride? If you have a keyboard, hit your Esc key, then the “Back” button. All other devices will need to hit the “OK” button, then tap the Back arrow, then hit the Back button.

Here is a complete list of metrics and charts available via the Fake Exit hack:

  • Average wattage
  • TSS
  • Pizza slice count
  • Calories burned
  • Ride On count
  • List of riders who gave you a ride on (with quick link to follow that rider)
  • List of riders who rode with you (with quick link to follow that rider)
  • Power distribution graph
  • Heart rate distribution graph
  • Critical Power Curve

Here are the screens you can access with a fake exit:

Using Your Bike Computer

It may seem odd to use your bike computer while Zwifting, but many riders use their Garmin, Elemnt, etc to track metrics like average power, normalized power, calories, etc.

Quality bike computers allow you to modify your displays to almost an infinite degree, giving you access to the specific data views you find most useful. If you’re wanting to easily see specific numbers Zwift doesn’t provide, this may be an even better approach than the Fake Exit hack.

What About You?

Do you find yourself wanting more data while Zwifting? What solutions have you used to access to the numbers you seek? Share below!