1. In the Cupboard with Andrea
    1. Meadowsweet cordial – nature’s aspirin
    2. How to make your cycling shoes smell better
      1. PEET Electric Shoe Dryer
      2. Boot Bananas Shoe Deodorizers
      3. Aromatherapy solution
    3. Cold sores – a natural solution – Lysine
    4. Homemade pita bread with filling and fruit nougat
    5. Very adaptable recipe for other grains such as teff or sorghum or even millet
  2. Articles of the week
    1. 4 New Natural Energy Gel Alternatives (Training Peaks)
    2. Cycling’s Latest Controversial Performance Enhancer: the Supertuck (WSJ)
    3. Zwift Academy 2019 Announced (Zwift Insider)
      1. Enrollment is now open for Zwift Academy 2019!
        1. This is the fourth year of Zwift’s groundbreaking mass training/global talent ID program. Last year 35,000 men and women took part, and this year Zwift expects over 100,000 participants.
        2. Dates and Graduation Requirements
          1. Zwift Academy will begin August 5th and run through September 29th.
          2. To graduate, Zwifters must complete a series of 8 workouts and 4 races or social rides. This is a slight change from previous years, to allow Zwifters to tailor the program to their own personal preferences or goals.

Recording Date: 7/29/19