In this episode, our topics include:

  • Caloric restriction when recovering from injury (02:00)
    1. Energy Availability Defined
    2. Relative energy Deficiency (RED)
    3. Lionel Sanders broken Sacrum –
    5. Focus on whole food anti-inflammatory diet and proper supplements
  • Article of the week: (25:30) By the numbers: What it takes to be competitive at the women’s Tour of Flanders
    • 40% more power required to stay in the break than in the peloton for the first 30 minutes
    • In the early climbs, the breakaway had much more steady power compared to the chaser.
    • Pace only continued to steepen as they approached the final sprint–final climbs were much more aggressive as riders fought to stay with the break and the chaser fought to compete
    • 13.75 W/kg for 10 sec with peak power of 15.52 w/kg to win
  • Edible seaweed water pods (36:30): The London Marathon did its part in reducing plastic waste by swapping water bottles with edible seaweed water pods that biodegrade in weeks. Read more >
  • Highlight Mike Pugh for completing his first 70.3 in 5:34 on Sunday

Recording Date: 05/05/2019