Zwift has just launched a revamped dashboard, and it looks great! Here’s a quick video tour:

Key Features

The new dashboard basically replicates the functionality we have in the Companion app’s “Activities” feed, but in a beautiful, full-screen layout that works great on a computer monitor.

With the new you’re able to:

  • Browse activities of those you follow and favorite, as well as your own activities
  • Click an activity for details. Details include:
    • Distance, time, elevation, calories
    • Achievements (leaders jerseys, PRs, etc)
    • Animated map
    • Ride Ons given (only the first ~100 or so Ride Ons given seem to be stored on Zwift’s servers for these animations)
    • Heart rate, cadence, speed, power, and other data
    • Screenshots taken during the activity
  • Give other Zwifters a Ride On for an activity
  • Post comments on activities
  • Edit your activity’s name and privacy settings (see below)
  • Download your activity’s fit file

Activity Privacy

Each activity now has a unique URL. Here’s an example:

If your activity privacy is set to “Public” (like the above activity) anyone can view it via its unique URL, as long as they are signed into a Zwift account. You may also set your activity to be visible only to Followers, or Private (where only you can view it).

Profile and Other Settings

The tools for modifying your profile, billing info, etc don’t appear to have changed with this update. Once you’re signed into, click your profile image at the top-right and click “My Profile” to access the following:

  • Your profile settings (name, weight, country flag, etc)
  • Change password
  • Modify connections to third-party apps/sites
  • Change email subscription settings (change which emails you receive from Zwift)
  • Modify billing info

ZwiftPower Link

James Hodges over at ZwiftPower has added a link in event results to view each rider’s activity details. Quick work!

Share Your Thoughts

Check out your upgrades dashboard, then chime in with your thoughts below! Did I miss any new features?