CVR, the folks behind the CVR World Cup events and Cycligent Virtual Rankings system have announced a Zwift racing league whose preseason begins tomorrow.

According to Frank Garcia (Cycligent’s founder and the driving force behind everything CVR):

CVR World Cup League and seasons is the continuation of our work at CVR World Cup. It allows us to have more fun more often with more people. It is a global league designed to make racing in the league convenient for the participants. It also allows us, in conjunction with our training initiative (to be announced next week), to cater to people of all abilities.

The CVR World Cup League is a global virtual tournament that directly feeds into the CVR World Cup Live races and offers prizes to all abilities.

Preseason starts December 5th 2017
Regular season starts January 2nd 2018

How often are the races?

League races will happen on Tuesdays. To accommodate riders worldwide, there will be a race ever three hours on Tuesdays (beginning 11PM PST Monday and ending 11PM PST Tuesday). You can race in any zone that is convenient for you. You must, however, race in the same time zone each week during the same season.

Are there prizes?

Winners in all brackets in all zones receive prizes. Currently $106,000 in prizes!

Will league participants be invited to CVR World Cup?

YES! Winners of Bracket A from each Zone will be invited to the current season’s CVR World Cup. Second and third places will compete head-to-head in the postseason play-offs for the a birth to next season’s CVR World Cup.

How do I register?

Register here and select the zone that is most convenient for you (from a time standpoint, you can race in any zone regardless of your physical location). Remember to make a second and third choice in case your first selections are unavailable. Registration is not necessary for preseason races, but is required for league contention.

What category will I be in?

There are four race brackets (A, B, C and D). For the inaugural season your racing bracket will be determined by your CVR World Cup Ranking division. If you have already been racing you can see your current division (and thus bracket) at any time at CVR World Cup Rankings.

  • Category A: for CVR Elite division riders
  • Category B: for CVR division 1 riders
  • Category C: for CVR division 2 and 3 riders
  • Category D: for CVR division 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 riders

Some riders are concerned that their CVR rankings place them in a the “wrong” bracket. One way to help ensure you’re placed in the “right” bracket is to participate in the CVR preseason races, which will be mass start events. These will provide the data needed for the CVR system to properly rank all riders going into the actual race reason.

For future seasons (there are four per year) your bracket will be determined by how you did the previous season (there is a promotion/relegation process at the end of each season, where the top 5% move up and the bottom 5% move down.)

More Information

There is a lot more information available on this league, so be sure to check out the CVR League homepage, as well as the extensive information page. I also recommend following the CVR World Cup League on Facebook for announcements, and joining the CVR World Cup Facebook group since that’s where the discussion happens.