Cycligent Physical Esports, in conjunction with Hunter Allen and Peaks Coaching Group, have just launched CVR World Cup Training. The program’s goal is to help any cyclist get in better physical shape, even race-ready, in only 8 weeks.

The program fills a much-needed niche between two common training strategies which fall on opposite ends of the cost and effectiveness spectrums:

  • Solution 1: Create and manage your own training program (free, but many riders see limited results because the lack the knowledge to develop an effective program)
  • Solution 2: Hire a personal coach (expensive, but you get a custom-tailored program with regular personal checkups).

Coach Hunter Allen

About the CVR Training Program

Any cyclist, no matter what their current fitness level, can sign up for the 8-week training program for $79. Each training is tailored for the cyclist according to their current cycling fitness level by legendary cycling coach Hunter Allen and his Peaks Coaching Group.

Training can be done outside, or inside through Zwift’s virtual cycling platform. At the end of 8 weeks, the cyclist is guaranteed to ride with more energy, increase their strength and power for short, anaerobic efforts, and extend endurance and stamina for long rides.

CVR World Cup Training includes:

  • An 8 week training plan administered by live coaches who lead rides and answer your questions
  • Workouts for Zwift or any fit file device (Garmin, etc)

Of course, training participants (and all Zwifters) have access to two other offerings from CVR: over $100,000 in prizes for the CVR World Cup Winter 2018 Season, and the opportunity to race in the CVR World Cup races (league begins January 2nd, 2018).


Training Camp Competition

CVR World Cup Training has an additional competitive component that makes the training extra attractive to cyclists who want to compete: all program participants will be ranked by how well you train (not how strong you are) within different power bands. Your ranking, and how it is computed, is shown to you at all times.

At the end of the season CVR will have a power band selection show where a power band is randomly selected. The top ten men and women from that power band will be invited to the CVR World Cup Training Camp (a four day, all expenses paid*, in-real-life training camp). Six men and women will be selected from the camp to race in the CVR World Cup race on March 25th, 2018 in Los Angeles where every competitor wins a minimum of $1,000.

* Food, lodging, world-class coaching and up to $1,000 in travel expenses


Webinar for Details

Want more info? Check out the 15 minute webinar with Hunter Allen >

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