Crit City Is Coming–Take a Sneak Peek!

Crit City Is Coming–Take a Sneak Peek!

Rumors of a new Zwift world have been swirling for weeks, and we’re seeing our first glimpses of the new map via some social leaks.

First, we saw this video at the end of Zwift live stream:

Then this week, we’ve seen two different prominent community racers sharing shots of their avatars on the course. Here’s Casey Schumm (click to enlarge):

And here’s one from Mathieu Drujon:

Lastly, Jonathon over at Zwift Hype just changed his group’s cover pic:

Is that Watopia’s yeti, and the jungle sloth? I think it is!

What else do we know?

  • The new course is coming very soon. Historically, Zwift hasn’t leaked this stuff until a course is just a few days away.
  • Zwift is definitely going for the “downtown crit” feel for thise course. Set on city streets, with sharp turns. Very cool.
  • The course is small (2-3km), and event-only, so we won’t be able to free-ride it whenever we’d like. (Being a small course, it would have to be event-only, until Zwift implements features which limit the number of riders per event.)
  • The course is relatively flat, but does include at least a bit of climbing (see Casey’s pic above). That would make sense, as a little kicker each lap would break up the course.

New routes are always exciting on Zwift–entirely new maps even more so! Stay tuned for more info as it becomes available.

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1 year ago

To a certain extent have to question motive behind this, certainly in terms of resource allocation. I understand this is going to be an event-only standalone course not linked to Watopia. It follows the gamification strategy of the VC investment, but at what cost. Unless reciprocal investment is also made in expansion of Watopia for those who just use Zwift for training and general indoor riding, you’re going to get an increasingly discgruntled core Zwift group.

1 year ago

Having a dedicated island for a crit course is a good thing (a bonus). This opens up more possiblities and options for Zwift in regards to events. I have a feeling that Zwift will continue to grow, evolve, and expand on many different levels (example: expanding existing worlds, adding new worlds, and catering to racing also). It is nice to see development that covers all of these bases.

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