Serious Zwifting requires some sort of platform for storing things like your keyboard, mouse, phone, iPad, TV remote, towels, laptop… the list goes on! I run Zwift from a PC into a TV, so at a minimum, I need my keyboard, mouse, phone and remote within easy reach.

For three years I used a music stand for this purpose, which did a passable job. Music stands are wobbly, though, and don’t provide much space. Like many Zwifters I had lusted after the Wahoo KICKR Indoor Cycling Desk, but just couldn’t pull the trigger on a $250USD table. I wanted something larger and sturdier, but I didn’t want it that bad!

In reading Amazon comments on the Wahoo desk I discovered a lower-priced alternative: the Conquer Desk. Priced at $139USD, the Conquer desk is nearly identical to Wahoo’s except it’s got Zwifty orange accents, bidon-holders, and costs $100 less! I ordered one, it arrived 3 days later, and I’ve been using it ever since. Here’s my quick review…

A Few Highlights

  • Height adjustable from 35″ to 47″
  • Fits nicely around your front wheel so the table is within reach while riding
  • Easily portable with locking wheels for easy movement and stability once in position
  • Well-designed 14″x28″ desktop has a non-slip surface, two cupholders, a tablet/phone stand and channels for cables
  • Steel frame for strength and durability
  • Priced at $139, ships free from Amazon (at least within the US)r


Unpacking and assembling the table takes 10-15 minutes, and the desk ships with the only tools you need.

Build Quality

The desk is almost entirely made of hi-tensile steel, with the exception being the plastic desktop. Even the desktop has a steel frame, though, so it can hold plenty of weight!

There’s really nothing more than needs to be said: if you’re looking for a Zwift station desk, the Conquer desk deserves a look!


Here are a few other indoor trainer desk options:

What About You?

What do you use for your trainer table, and are you happy with it? Share tips and links below!