Last week Zwift rolled out a set of events based on the IRL Chasing Cancellara series. Like last year, the series begins with a set of workouts hosted by Fabian Cancellara, who is an Olympic gold medalist, 3x Paris–Roubaix champion, and multiple Tour de France stage winner (in case you didn’t know). And it ends in a big main event, which thousands of Zwifters have already signed up for! Here are the details…

Main Event Switchup

The final event happens on June 28th at 7pm BST/2pm EDT/11am PDT.

But this year, the big finale has been flipped on its head! Instead of Fabian starting and everyone else chasing, riders sign up for a category, and groups are let go in a staggered order (with slower categories starting first). Cancellara will start last, and he has to work to catch all of us over one lap of Dust In the Wind.

Like other Zwift chase/handicap races, riders will need to suffer as a team to stay away from hard-charging Fabian. It won’t be easy – Cancellara averaged 440w (5.76 w/kg) for 72 minutes when he won Olympic TT gold in 2016!

Categories and Times

  • A (4-5 w/kg): starts at 11:16am PDT
  • B (3.2-4 wkg): starts at 11:13am PDT
  • C (2.5-3.1 w/kg): starts at 11:07am PDT
  • D (1-2.4 w/kg): starts at 11am PDT

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There are three workouts left, each replicating the efforts required for a different type of bike race. Fabian will be hosting each workout: