In this episode, host Pav Bryan sits down with Zwift’s Eric Min to discuss all things Zwift. Topics include:

  • The genesis of Zwift
  • What sets Zwift apart from the competition
  • How big can Zwift get?
  • Expansion of Watopia roads and a new map which may be the second-largest in game (somewhere in the East)?
  • What is Zwift? Is it an aid to improving fitness? A substitute for people living in hard-to-ride areas?
  • Is it the future of cycling indoors?
  • Why Zwift doesn’t use photo-realistic graphics.
  • Are there plans for more personalized training opportunities within Zwift?
  • The big “Clubs” game update
  • The potential for Zwift’s future growth
  • Racers fudging weight (or power) on Zwift
  • Why Zwift is more of a Microsoft and less of an Apple
  • Where did the name Zwift come from?

About the Podcast:

BeSpoked is a cycling and triathlon training podcast for everyone from amateurs to professionals. Hosted by Pav Bryan, the podcast has released weekly episodes since July 2019.