Author: Eric Schlange

Interview with ZTR race organizer Christian Wiedmann

My first race on Zwift was the Tuesday Night Worlds, which happens each Tuesday at 3PM my time. I loved it–I was hooked! I wasn’t very impressed with the neutral start, though, and posted a comment about it on the Zwift Riders Facebook group. Much to my surprise Christian Wiedmann, the organizer of the race, responded and explained (graciously) why the races begin with a neutral start. I was impressed with Christian’s patience and obvious desire to get as many folks racing as possible. Since that time I’ve interacted with Christian on a number of occasions and he has consistently shown himself to be...

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Zwift rolls out TrainingPeaks integration

Zwift has just announced integration with TrainingPeaks. You can sign into your account at then connect your TrainingPeaks account from there (just like connecting your Strava account). Presumably this automatically uploads your saved rides to your TrainingPeaks account, making it easy to follow your TrainingPeaks plan without separate uploading chores for each ride. Ride...

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Take February’s “The Hour” challenge

“The Hour” is perhaps the most prestigious challenge in all of cycling. In real life, UCI-sanctioned attempts take place in a velodrome, riders begin from a standing a start and must ride alone. It is a grueling effort where aerodynamics, steady high power and consistent form are key. (Little-known fact: The first universally accepted record was in 1876 when the American Frank Dodds rode 26.508 km (16.471 mi) on a penny-farthing. Learn more on Wikipedia) This month the Zwift community is holding an informal hour challenge where all entrants get a chance to win a Zwift bidon. Rules: All entries...

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