suuntoZwift connects to your various devices (smart trainer, HR monitor, cadence meter, etc) via ANT+ or Bluetooth. ANT+ is the most common method among Windows PC users, while Bluetooth is popular with the iOS crowd.

ANT+ USB sticks (sometimes called “dongles”) plug into your computer, allowing communication between your computer and your devices.

  • Garmin: Reliable and reputable, but a little pricey at ~$35 on Amazon
  • Suunto Movestick Mini: seems to be just as reliable as the Garmin, ~$30 on Amazon
  • Anself: In our tests, these seem to work just as well as the dongles above, for a fraction of the price. Ships without documentation, but who needs that when all you do is plug it in? ~$13 on Amazon

While you’re at it, get a USB extension cable. They’re cheap, and allow you to move your ANT+ stick as close to your trainer as you’d like. The AmazonBasics cables work well and only cost ~$7.

Problems getting your ANT+ stick to work with Zwift? Check out this support page.