I’ve had many Zwifters thank me for the helpful information they’ve found here on Zwift Insider, and it’s so rewarding to hear people share how the site has helped them. When people message me in-game about it, my usual reply is, “You keep reading, I’ll keep writing.” And it’s true–because the site serves a growing number of visitors, I’m encouraged to keep working hard at creating content that is interesting and useful for the Zwift Community.

Lots of Zwifters have asked how they can support the site. Today I added a box to the right-hand side called “Support this Site”, and there you’ll find four ways you can directly help us out.

Support this Site

#1: Buy a Pain Cave poster: our Watopia map is really popular, but we’ve got other posters for sale as well.

#2: Shop on Amazon through our link: if you click this link then make a purchase on Amazon, we get a small % of your entire purchase.

#3: Make a donation (Paypal account not required):

#4: Contribute a post: I’m always open to informative articles from others in the Zwift community. Email me at [email protected] with your idea and we can chat!

I know the vast majority of our visitors can’t or won’t support the site in any of the ways listed above, and that’s totally fine. I’m truly thankful for everyone who visits the site and finds it useful! But if anyone wants to support our efforts in a very tangible way, you’ve now got 4 easy ways to do it.

So thanks for visiting, thanks for reading, and if you’re able to support the site directly–thanks for that as well. See you out on course!