Zwift CEO Eric Min has posted a Strava ride covering a new London route. Min has typically done this as a leadup to new route launches in the past, with the routes becoming public within a week or two of Min’s post.

ZwiftBlog actually broke a story covering this new route back in January, when one Zwifter was accidentally routed onto these “ghost roads.” (Zwifter Stefan Lavestedt had the presence of mine to snap a lot of screenshots and post the ride to Strava, so we can see that the route he covered is the same route as Min covered yesterday.)

The new route adds ~7.5km (4.7 miles) of mostly flat road southwest of the Classique Loop. Unlike the Box Hill section of the London course, these new roads match the real-world London map, which means the art team at ZwiftHQ has been very busy building scenery that evokes those London streets.

Back in January when we broke the “ghost route” story there were very few buildings to be seen on the course, but I’m sure that has changed.

My guess is the new route will launch when London goes live on Wednesday, June 14th.