magnusUS-based CycleOps has announced the “Magnus,” a rear wheel on smart trainer aimed at the middle of the market occupied by the likes of Wahoo’s Kickr Snap, Tacx’s Bushido and others.

It’s good to see that CycleOps is jumping into the smart trainer game with both feet this fall, having announced the higher-end “Hammer” wheel-off trainer several weeks back. We expect both of these trainers to be available sometime in September.

CycleOps is focusing on the speed and responsiveness of the Magnus’ electromagnetic resistance unit, claiming it is highly responsive to even the smallest changes in power output. Perhaps this will result in less “lag” on Zwift when hitting hills or putting out more power?

Here are the key specs:

  • Proven PowerTap technology for accurate power readings
  • 1500 watt peak resistance
  • Noise level: 69 decibels at 20 mph (quiet!)
  • Retail price: $599US

Of course, like other smart trainer it supports ANT+ FE-C as well as Bluetooth.

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