Here’s a fun little tutorial from everyone’s favorite Aussie Lama, Shane Miller. He explains how to create and install a “sprint shifter” using a Makey Makey (and, of course, a cutout photo of Cavendish’s face).

A true sprint shifter (for anyone not familiar with the term) is a push-button shifter mounted within reach of your thumb while in the drops, making it easy to shift while sprinting.


Simply press Cav’s face to win your sprints!

Shane doesn’t actually create a sprint shifter here, but instead makes a shortcut button which activates a Zwift powerup (such as the aero helmet) at the push of a button on your handlebars. He does this by wiring the Makey Makey button to emulate pushing the space bar on the keyboard (which is how you activate a power up in Zwift).