suuntoIf you want to connect use Zwift you’ll need to have an ANT+ USB 2.0 dongle, or use the Bluetooth connection on the Zwift Mobile App or your Mac.

ANT+ USB dongles plug into your computer, allowing communicating back and forth between your computer and your devices (smart trainer, power meters, heart rate/cadence/speed monitors, etc).

  • Garmin: Reliable and recommended by Zwift, ~$24 on Amazon
  • Suunto Movestick Mini: seems to be just as reliable as the Garmin, also ~$23 on Amazon
  • Anself: Generic Chinese dongle, large compared to the Garmin or Suunto, but they seem to work just fine. Ships without documentation. ~$15 on Amazon

While you’re at it, get a USB extension cable. They’re cheap, and allow you to move your ANT+ dongle as close to your trainer as you’d like. The AmazonBasics cables work well and only cost $5-$6.

Problems getting your ANT+ dongle to work with Zwift? Check out this support page.