Zwift VR Worlds 2017 race November 25th

Zwift VR Worlds 2017 race November 25th

The third annual VR Worlds event is happening November 25th, and if you are a Zwift Racer you’ll want to participate.

This is one of the most popular team-based races on Zwift, with all of the major teams fielding at least one team (and often several teams).

Multiple Races

There are actually seven different races making up this event. The four team races cover each of the standard Zwift categories (A, B, C, and D) and there are also 3 women’s individual races (A, B, and C/D).

Race Course

VR Worlds 2017 will be raced on the Watopia Figure 8 route, which is 29.8km (18.4 miles) long with 234m (770′) of elevation gain. This race will be longer than most Zwift races, with A teams riding 4 laps, B teams 3, and C teams 2, and D teams 1.


This is a point-based team competition. The specifics of how the points work are outlined on the rules page.

Date and Time

The race is on November 25th, and the first race begins at 13:00 GMT (9AM Eastern). See the race rules for precise start times for each of the 7 races.


Riders must register on the VR Worlds webpage. Riders not affiliated with a “trade team” on Zwift can form their own team if desired.

VR Worlds Kit Now Available

This year’s kit can be ordered through the VR Worlds site. Using the same bars as last year’s design, it’s an eye-catching kit.

This year’s kit, available for purchase


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