First, an Introduction to ZwiftPower

If you want to race on Zwift, you’ve got to get familiar with (ZP). This is a powerful, community-driven site created by James Hodges which tracks race results in Zwift.

ZP uses zlogger and Strava data to track race results, so setting up your account properly on ZP includes these two vital steps:

  • Entering your Zwift ID. This ties the in-game zlogger data to your ZP account, since your Zwift ID is a unique number for your Zwift account which zlogger sees as it tracks you around the course.
  • Connecting your ZP account to Strava: this lets ZP grab your segment times for the race from your Strava upload.

Finding your Zwift ID in iOS

Your Zwift ID can be found in the desktop version of Zwift by going to Documents->Zwift->CP. The sub-folder user**** contains your ID.

Zwift for iOS presents a challenge because you cannot simply browse your iOS device’s file system to find that ID. The ever-helpful Christian Wiedmann has discovered a solution, though: he created a simple lookup tool for finding your Zwift ID using your Zwift login. See it here >