Racing Kona | The Specialized Zwift Academy Team

We’re back with the Specialized Zwift Academy Team on this one. I really find this inspiring content to be on a very high production level. I’m not a triathlete, but now I’m cheering heavily for my buddy’s attempt to qualify. I’m sure he’d need someone to support him on site…

The Only Headwind You’ll be Glad About

I’ve been glad about headwinds helping me slow down on descents before, but this is Zwift Insider and that Headwind is a fancy new gadget. Ronald’s review of the Wahoo Headwind might change your Christmas wish list.

The Ultimate Indoor Training Set Up?

Maybe this one could spark some discussion. What really is the ultimate Zwift setup? As Juliett got hers sponsored by Zwift itself, we might say: this video tells us what Zwift thinks is the setup to own.

Single Events vs. Seasons

TrainerRoad’s “Ask a Cycling Coach” #184. Zwift and Trainerroad are an awesome combination, and just last week we featured a video on how to use both together. As we’re early in the trainer season, this feature on long-term training planning should be a must-watch. (Takes some time, but so does your Zwift session.)

Zwift vs. FulGaz

“Doesn’t mean I can’t go and date other apps” – twelve seconds in the video, Triathlon Taren demonstrates his standup talent. FulGaz has developed a little bit since we last featured it in the video series. Here’s how it can be a beneficial add-on to your Zwift training.