“11.1 Ocean Blvd” Route Details (Watopia)

Animated “11.1 Ocean Blvd” Route Details (Watopia) Map
Animated map provided by ZwiftHacks

Route Basics

Length: 11.15 km (6.9 miles)
0 m (‘)
Lead-In: 0.5 km (0.3 miles)
Map: Watopia

Restriction: Run Only

Achievement Badge: 440 XP

Sprint & KQOM Segments


Strava Segments

11.1 Ocean Blvd

Route Description

Watopia’s “11.1 Ocean Blvd” run route was named with a nod to Zwift headquarters, which is located on Ocean Blvd in Long Beach, California. Introduced in the September 30, 2018 update, this is the second-longest run route on Zwift at the time of its release.

Unlike the other run routes, this one begins with you running southward through the start/finish. You’ll find yourself on mixed-use roads quickly, progressing over the 360 bridge and onto the docks and dirt roads of the fishing village. Continue on through the underwater tunnels of Ocean Blvd, then you can finally hop onto the dedicated running path which takes you along the beachfront, over the water, and eventually into Run Valley to finish off your lap.

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