Zwift’s latest version, released late yesterday, includes unofficial support for running on PC and Mac platforms. It is important to note that this is not an officially supported feature, since it is still pre-beta and available only as an Easter Egg for those who know where to find it. From Game Master Jon Mayfield:

PC/Mac update is live, and it may support running via Garmin Footpods or Bluetooth footpods. I can say we spent literally 0 time testing it at Zwift, but it’s there to try.

Also, in the new version for iOS which is now out you can use the Wahoo ANT dongle to run with a Garmin footpod.

Finally, there’s something in the update for the female runners.

It has been available on Zwift iOS for a while, but this is the first time Zwifters can truly use Zwift running on their PC or Mac. With a Zwift Runners group forming on Facebook and runners seen on course regularly, our guess is Zwift running will be officially released within the next few months.

Getting Started

Want to start running on Zwift? All you need is a treadmill and a sensor which outputs running pace (typically a foot pod).

Pace Sensors

I have tested Zwift running using Stryd (review coming soon) and Milestone footpods and both work fine. Any Bluetooth or ANT+ foodpod should work. Some runners are using Wahoo’s “Gym Connect” module which can plug into certain treadmills and broadcast pace metrics, and there are many other footpods (by Polar, etc) which can also be used.

Getting Into Running Mode on Zwift for PC/Mac

Zwift Running is still only available as an “Easter Egg” feature–that is, it is not an officially supported feature, and is only accessible by clicking on a certain part of the pairing screen. You’ll know you’ve clicked in the right place when the top-left pairing box changes to show a runner on a treadmill, as seen below.

Once you’ve switched to running mode, click the guy on the treadmill and Zwift will search for a pace signal. Here it has found mine:

Once you’re all paired up, just choose your course and you’re off and running!