Rebel Route: Mayan Bridge Loop

Rebel Route: Mayan Bridge Loop

Our newest Rebel Route is a pitchy, dirty little loop that is best tackled on a mountain bike. It may be the most scenic loop on Zwift, too, thanks to all the Mayan Jungle’s plants, animals, ruins, and water features.

About Rebel Routes

“Rebel Routes” are Zwift rides which are not available on Zwift’s routes list, thus requiring manual navigation.

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The reward for your rebel ride? Exploring a new route, knowing you’ve gone where few Zwifters have gone before. And a Strava segment rank in the tens or hundreds instead of the thousands! They are included as a separate category on our Veloviewer Route Hunter leaderboard.

Route Description

Descending to the start banner

You’ll have a decently long lead-in before you can begin the loops. Select the “Jungle Circuit” route, which starts you near the Jungle start pens. Ride the tarmac down to the dirt road of the Jungle, then continue descending to the bottom of the Jungle valley. You’ll go through a cavern then the Jungle Circuit start/finish banner, which marks the start (and end) of the Mayan Bridge Loop.

From the start/finish banner you’ll begin climbing up the dirt road, then turn left onto the Mayan Bridge road. This new section was added in Zwift’s December 2020 update and is a mixture of dirt, brick, and wood road. Zwift’s artists really outdid themselves, too! They created massive temple architecture, flaming torches, and plenty of ruins for us to ride through.

Crossing the bridge

The Mayan Bridge road begins with a descent down to the bridge, then you’ll have to climb your way back up to the Jungle road. Then it’s a descent back to the cavern and through the start/finish banner. That’s one lap!

In the Temple ruins


The route’s two short climbs are fairly symmetrical, providing nice structure for an interval session. Hammer the climb, recover on the descent… repeat!

Getting Started + Lead-In

The easiest way to begin this route is by selecting the Jungle Circuit route. This gives you a 5.7km (3.5 mile) lead-in.

Turn by Turn

Here are the turns you’ll need to make to successfully complete the Mayan Bridges Loop, beginning at the Jungle pens by selecting the Jungle Circuit route.

  1. Right to Jungle/Alpe (automatic)
  2. Straight to Mayan Loop (automatic)
  3. Straight to Jungle Loop (automatic)
  4. Left to Mayan Bridge
  5. Left to Mayan Loop
  6. Straight to Jungle Loop (automatic)

Route details:
Distance: 5.27km (3.3 miles)
Elevation Gain: 47m (153′)
Strava Segment

Rebel Route Suggestions

Got an idea for a great rebel route? Share it below and maybe we’ll publish a post about it!

About The Author

Eric Schlange

Eric runs Zwift Insider in his spare time when he isn't on the bike or managing various business interests. He lives in Northern California with his beautiful wife, two kids and dog. Follow on Strava

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Andre Busnardo
Andre Busnardo
9 days ago

Hi Eric! Excellent having new rebel routes to ride. Congrats! An heads up: Richmond KOM Reverse seems to be broken in ZwiftInsider Veloviewer Leaderboard. Not sure if the problem is just for me, but apparently all users times disappeared a day or two ago.

9 days ago
Reply to  Andre Busnardo

It’s a new section and the length is slightly different based on my effort being 2 seconds quicker when I re-uploaded my ride.

8 days ago
Reply to  Colin

Is it going to eventually pick up prior efforts without any additional effort from our side?

8 days ago

There seems to be U turn in the new Big Flat 8 rebel route, just after start.

Jer (@jerwalker)
6 days ago

Thanks Eric, love the rebel routes. I see a couple others on the Veloviewer leader board that aren’t on ZI. Will you be publishing soon? Hilly KOM Bypass and Big Flat 8 are the two in question.

Dan Connelly
5 days ago

Nice!!! It would be interesting to benchmark this loop mountain versus gravel bike, since there may be an advantage to the gravel bikes on the bridge.

Bud Miller
Bud Miller
5 days ago

This is random but I was wondering if you guys could assemble a list of all the paint jobs available on Zwift

John Conant <
John Conant <
2 days ago

I have a Watopia Fig.8 loop I did Jan 13th then 14th-see my maps-good 35-40 min. rides.
To do the ~12 mile Figure 8:
Beach Loop > Volcano CCW > I think do 1st 2 of 3 choices for 360 bridge (I think Straight and Right) but then > Left to Italian Villas >> avoid all KOM’s >> Downtown > Ocean Blvd > Italian Villas again, then > Islands > then do 2 of 2 Sprints forks with the 0.2mi Sprint > Downtown. 

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