This Rebel Route is our most challenging yet. The goal: to ride up every timed KOM segment on Watopia (no official routes do this, at least not yet). As such, this is KOMonster version 1. When a new KOM segment is added to our favorite virtual cycling paradise, we’ll have to create version 2!

“Rebel Routes” are Zwift rides which are not available on Zwift’s routes list, thus requiring manual navigation.

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The reward for your rebel ride? Exploring a new route, knowing you’ve gone where few Zwifters have gone before. And a Strava segment rank in the tens or hundreds instead of the thousands!

Route Description

This big route was designed to cover every KOM on Watopia in the shortest distance possible. Clocking in right at 100km, completing this ride also means finishing a metric century on Zwift.

The route begins at the downtown start/finish banner, and we hit the Hilly KOM forward first, before continuing on up and over the Epic KOM reverse.

Descend the Epic KOM and turn toward the desert, then hang another left into Titans Grove where we’ll climb Watopia’s newest KOM segment. Once that’s done we get a bit of recovery as we make our way back to downtown Watopia and over to the Volcano to climb the Volcano KOM.

That’s four KOMs down. Four more to go!

After the volcano, take the land bridge to the Italian Villas and hit the Hilly KOM reverse. Then head out to the desert again and into Titans Grove for a go at the reverse Titans Grove KOM.

Out of Titans Grove and up the Epic KOM forward… we’ve only got one more climb left. But it’s a big one! Descend the Epic KOM, turn toward the Jungle, then climb the Alpe. The route ends when you cross the finish banner at the top. Nice work!


As expected, the route is quite pointy. At 25.7 meters of climb per kilometer of distance, this route is the 7th climbiest in game, just behind Bologna Time Trial and just ahead of Four Horsemen.

Getting Started

When freeriding, select the Hilly Route. This will get you started in the right direction, but you will have to make many manual turns to finish this ride.

Turn by Turn

Here are the turns you’ll need to make to successfully complete the KOMonster:

  • Straight to KOM
  • Left to Sequoia Circle
  • Right to Jungle/Epic KOM
  • Left to Epic KOM
  • Straight to KOM Descent
  • Right to Desert Flats
  • Left to Titans Grove
  • Left to Ocean Blvd
  • Right to Downtown
  • Right to Downtown
  • Right to Volcano Circuit
  • Right to Volcano Circuit CCW
  • Straight to Volcano KOM
  • Straight to Volcano Circuit CCW
  • Straight to Italian Villas
  • Right to 360 Bridge
  • Straight to 360 Bridge
  • Right to Ocean Blvd
  • Left to Desert Flats
  • Right to Titans Grove
  • Right to Epic KOM
  • Left to Epic KOM
  • Straight to KOM Descent
  • Straight to Jungle/Alpe
  • Right to Jungle/Alpe
  • Right to Alpe du Zwift

Route details:
Distance: 99.8km (62.1 miles)
Elevation Gain: 2570m (8433′)
Strava Segment

Rebel Route Suggestions

Got an idea for a great rebel route? Share it below and maybe we’ll publish a post about it!