“Jon’s Route” is named after the game’s creator/head developer Jon Mayfield, who is an avid runner himself. At 12.5km it is the longest run route available at the time of the September 30, 2018 update.

You’ll begin by running northward through the start/finish and into the tunnel to downtown. Hang a right onto the main road, then a left onto Ocean Blvd for a run through the underwater tunnels. Hit the docks and dirt of the fishing village, get over the 360 bridge and you’re on the dedicated run path. From there you’ll make your way onto the skyway, run along the beach, then return through the lap banner in the opposite direction you began.

Route details:
Distance: 12.53km (7.78 miles)
Strava Segment

About gradient/elevation in Zwift Run: while gradient changes are visually apparent on Zwift roads, runners don’t feel any resistance or gradient changes when hitting inclines in game. This lets you set your treadmill to whatever gradient you prefer. The elevation numbers sent to Strava are then recorded from your treadmill, so if you run at 0% your run will show no elevation gain, while running at 3% will show a steady 3% gain throughout your effort.