GCN Handicap Race Tomorrow

GCN Handicap Race Tomorrow

Get in on the action tomorrow September 25 for a special handicap race hosted by GCN on Zwift! This one-off race starts at 7PM BST/2PM EDT. Here’s GCN’s Daniel Lloyd talking about the event:

The course is 3 laps of Innsbruckring covering a total distance of 26.4km. The D group will depart at 7:00, the C group at 7:07, the B group at 7:10, and the A group at 7:12. This will have a large turnout as GCN will broadcast it live on their Youtube channel.

Get to the starting pens early. This way, it won’t take you 5 to 7 seconds just to reach the start line. With a handicap race, you are trying to catch the other groups ahead of you by working together in your category group. But remember, you need to beat the others in your group at some point. This mixture of teamwork and competition is what makes handicap races fun and challenging!

This event is similar to the ongoing CHOP races held regularly on Zwift. Watch a recent CHOP finish below as several groups are brought together on an exciting last lap around the Volcano:

See event details on Zwift.com >

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