The Endurance Lab Coaches’ Corner 75 – Getting in stride with the Stryd power meter

The Endurance Lab Coaches’ Corner 75 – Getting in stride with the Stryd power meter

In this episode, our topics include:

  • Deep dive into who Evan Schwartz is. (00:30)
  • Questions for Evan Schwartz
    • What is the Stryd power meter and how does it measure power? (18:30)
    • What are the values of the different metrics that Stryd measures? (18:30)
      • Leg spring stiffness 
      • Ground contact time
      • Cadence
      • Form Power
    • Will Styrd look to put out specific drills to improve data and numbers that it captures? (25:00)
    • Can Stryd be used as a compliance tool and would you expect to see a higher rate of progression in those athletes using it? (27:00)
    • Is there a correlation on the efficiency dat and nutritional needs of an athlete? (29:30)
    • The Real Reason Marathoners Hit the Wall – (34:05)
    • Evolution of the design of Stryd
      • New version of the Pod (36:45)
        • Accounts for wind now via air resistance
        • Looking to understand the environmental condition better
    • Practical Questions (48:40)
      • Where do people start with data collection
      • Auto calculation of critical power, 2% closer then testing
      • Much less complicated
      • What watches is it compatible with? Garmin, Polar, Suunto, Apple, mobile app (android/iOS)
      • Future integrations for use on a treadmill

Stryd podcast – 

Contact Evan – [email protected]

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