Zwift HQ pushed out a fairly major update today. The download comes in around ~150MB in size so be sure to leave some time for the update when you start your Zwift session!

Here are a few of the highlights included in this release:

  • Postride summary screen

    Post-workout summary screen

    Post-workout summary screen: this pops up immediately after you finish a workout, and includes (among other things) a workout timeline, power curve, power and heart rate distribution and total kilocalories.

  • Bluetooth support added for Apple computers: you can now use your computer’s Bluetooth to pair with your Bluetooth devices, instead of going through the Zwift Companion app.
  • Performance enhancements
  • Loud thunderclaps are now controlled by game volume setting (this is good news, because it means I can stop peeing my chamois every time I ride London!)
  • “Race Results” screen for select events (see below)


Read the full release announcement here >