Committing to a race can be a bit daunting for first-timers. Zwift racing takes away many common roadblocks: there’s no entry fee, no danger of crashing, no travelling to the racecourse and reduced shame if you want to bow out!

What is Zwift racing really like? I would say it’s just as hard as (perhaps even harder than) real-life racing in terms of your cardio workout. It’s easier in some senses as well: you don’t get the core workout of maneuvering your bike, and you don’t need to battle changing wind.

Here’s a video where you can watch Global Cycling Network’s (GCN’s) Matt and Dan deliver a live commentary while their colleague former pro rider Simon Richardson races 2 laps with other elite riders on the Richmond course. This video was created just before the real-world UCI World’s race back in September 2015.

You can always count on the GCN guys for hilarious commentary, but it’s also interesting to hear Simon discuss strategy… and to see how hard he works!