ZwiftHQ rolled out its latest update on 10/25, with the big news being the Mayan Jungle expansion. There were other small changes included as well… here are the details from ZwiftHQ, with some comments from myself:

  • Group workouts algorithm changed to reduce the speed of the group so it is more reasonable. Have you tried the new group workouts yet? I’ve heard some folks complaining that they were setting PRs while in a group workout, because the speeds were higher than they should be. Sounds like ZwiftHQ is on it!
  • Dirt road dust effect reduced in large packs of riders. Definitely a needed change, with the addition of lots of dirt roads in the Mayan Jungle expansion. I found the effect hasn’t been reduced by much, though: I think ZwiftHQ is going to keep hearing complaints about this. It’s fun (and strategic when racing!) but not great when you’ve got miles and miles of dirt road in a group ride.
  • Made changes to allow for reduced download size of all future updates: always a good thing. I’d like to see updates get automatically downloaded and even installed.
  • Fixed Brick activities (Bike, then Run).  They now save as two activities of the correct sport: running on Zwift continues to mature into its own space.
  • “Ride with…” or “Run with…” should be more reliable now: important to keep this working well, since Zwift is a social game
  • Many small bugs fixed: keep on squashing!

See the full release notes from Jon Mayfield here >