Ever wish you could disable the startup music Zwift plays before you begin riding?

Some people find it annoying to hear the same song every time they begin their ride. Others simply don’t want any music because they’re already listening to tunes or watching TV. Here’s how you can turn off the startup song:

  • Get to the right location:
    On PC, go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Zwift\data\Audio\PC
    On Mac, go to Mac HD\Users\Account Name (specific to your setup)\Library\Application Support\Zwift\data\Audio\OSX
  • Rename file “777200017.wem” to “777200017.tmp”. This file contains your startup song. Changing the extension to .tmp allows you to keep the file on your computer in case you want it back, but prevents Zwift from finding and playing it on startup.

Thanks to “James C” over on the Zwift Community Forums for posting tip!

Note: this file may be re-created on our system by a future Zwift update. If the startup music begins to play again after an update, simple perform the same steps above once more.