Zwift HQ has announced a series of daily coffee rides celebrating the Tour de France. Four rides are happening daily for the duration of Le Tour (July 2-24), with each ride beginning at 6AM in a different time zone: AEST, BST, EDT, and PDT.

Each ride will take advantage of a new Zwift feature–audio playback! Participants can listen in on exclusive behind-the-scenes audio from renowned U.S. cycling commentator Dave Towlealong and the Trek-Segafredopro cycling team.

Additionally, Zwifters who complete any three of these rides will be eligible to win swag from Trek, Segafredo and CycleOps.


What’s a Coffee Ride?

Don’t even think about it!

While some cyclists (and Trek themselves) may argue that every ride is a coffee ride, a true “coffee ride” is meant to happen early in the morning in a fasted state, with the rider only consuming coffee prior to the ride.

Riding in a fasted state can help train your body to burn fat for energy, while the coffee’s caffeine stimulates your system and wakes you up.

(Just make sure you drink your coffee black, or with just some heavy whipping cream. You don’t want any sugar or lactose in the mix… and you definitely don’t want to work off a 500 calorie Starbucks Frappuccino.)

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