The TFC Autumn Series Finale took place on the Watopia Flat course. The A race came to a sprint finish, with Mark Worthington (BRTeam) taking the win over Casey Schumm (Team X) and Brett Boniface.

With a flat race and a peloton full of contenders, this ultimate race of the TFC Autumn Series was meant to see a lot of “cat & mouse” game, and it did. A bunch of riders tried to get away during the race, including Boniface, Schumm (Team X), O’Daniel and Lassen. But until the last kilometers, nobody could break away from the main peloton. Entering the last bumps of the race, there were still three contenders for the GC: Gray (Team X), Schumm (Team X) and Boniface. A kilometer from the line, Gray was dropped from the first peloton, so it was up to his teammate to take the GC off of Boniface’s hands.

With a bolt-fast sprint finish, Mark Worthington (BRTeam) took the win over Casey Schumm (Team X) and Brett Boniface. With his 2nd place, Casey Schumm (Team X) won the GC for a couple of points over Brett Boniface and Shawn “Earl” Gray (Team X).

The B race finished in the first peloton as well, with Rick Barbera (KissRT) taking the win over Miroslav Horak (BRTeam) and BJ Afonso (PTz). The B’s GC was already set before the race, as Mika Overmark (FK Team) had a comfortable lead over Rudi Heilund and Gordy Watt (Team TFC).

Three GC podiums for TFC

In the C category, Mogens Jensen (Vikings) outsprinted Rob Pughe (Team TFC) and Michal Lesniewski (Team Poland) to take the win. GC-wise, Svein Erik Vatle (§rytteme) kept his lead acquired over the first 7 races over Andrew Shutler (Team TFC) and Jason Robinson (BRTeam).

For the Ds, Jacob Merrill took the win over Sjoerd Wildschut and Damien Toomer. In the meantime, Joe Blogs (Team TFC) won the GC over Rune Tverraaen (§rytteme) and Sjoerd Wildschut. Finally, for the women riders, “Fred76” was first to cross the line, Katherine D (KissRT) took 2nd and Michele East (BRTeam) took 3rd.

Here is the race commentary from Nathan Guerra.
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TFC Autumn Series – Dec 9th / Provisional Results:
A Category:
1- M.Worthington (GBR-BRTeam)
2- C.Schumm (USA-Team X)
3- B.Boniface (CAN-U/A)
GC- C.Schumm (USA-Team X)
B Category:
1- R.Barbera (USA-KissRT)
2- M.Horak (CZE-BRTeam)
3- B.Afonso (POR-PTz)
GC- M.Overmark (FIN-FK Team)
C Category:
1- M.Jensen (DEN-Vikings)
2- R.Pughe (GBR-Team TFC)
3- M.Lesniewski (POL-team Poland)
GC- S.Vatle (NOR-§rytteme)
D Category:
1- J.Merrill (USA-U/A)
2- S.Wildschut (NED-U/A)
3- D.Toomer (GBR-U/A)
GC- J.Blogs (GBR-Team TFC)
1- Fred76 (FRA-U/A)
2- K.D (GBR-KissRT)
3- M.East (GBR-BRTeam)
GC- A.Malmborg (CAN-Sz)

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