The TFC Autumn Race of Dec 2nd took place over 3 laps of the London loop. Jokim Pluijmers (Team X) took the win over Brett Boniface (PTz) and Johan Nossen (FSK). Jernst “JT” Teampelaar (Team WBR) made his return to Zwift racing and took 5th.


Boniface (PTz) on the move.

The first climb of Box Hill was disrupted by the ever-changing Evers, and even though Boniface came out leading the race on top of the hill, he sat down and waited for the chase. At the end of the first lap, there were 8 riders opening the road: Weitzner, Duffy (BRTeam), Schumm (Team X), Appleby (Team TFC), Nossen (FSK), Tempelaar (Team WBR), Pluijmers (Team X) and Boniface (PTz). “I didn’t realize the guy wasn’t legit until they talked about his HR on stream,” says Boniface. “In the climb, I was riding cross-eyed and it wasn’t fair to keep riding on front with a rider who wasn’t obviously legit. I have tremendous respect for the guys who race weekly, and I wish Zwift would build something for organizers to do something about troublemakers before the end of the race.”


Pluijmers takes the win.

On top of the second climb, the winning trio came with almost 30″ over the chase. Pluijmers, Boniface and Nossen collaborated until the approach of the ultimate Box Hill climb. The Dutch rider made his move on the bridge before going into the subway, and got 5 seconds over Boniface and Nossen before heading to the climb. The PTz rider managed to bridge to Pluijmers, but the Team X rider had kept some watts up his sleeve and went on to take the win. Ultimately, Jokim Pluijmers (Team X) took the win in the A race, with Brett Boniface (PTz) coming in 2nd and Johan Nossen (FSK) coming in 3rd.

Team Poland goes 1-2 in Bs

On the last lap, the strategy was to go hard to get some distance with the chase,” says Boniface. “The initial strategy was to go for intense 6-minute efforts and see what happens. After racing 100km with Jokim last Saturday, I wanted him to get a good result as we did a lot of work together so if it wasn’t me that won, I wanted it to be him. On the last lap, when he jumped, I let him go and was rooting for him to stick it. I sat on Nossen and then tried to go across when we started the final climb. But when I made the gap, Jokim went a couple of times and while I did my best, the better rider won and that’s what matters to me, so I was quite happy.


Zaranko takes 2nd place in the Bs.

In the B race, Andree Wierus (Team Poland) outsprinted his teammate Grzegorz Zaranko for the win, and William Ondracka completed the podium two minutes later. The C category saw Justin Millot out of Canada take his first win for his first race. Ronald Termaat (DAFC) took 2nd and Rune Tellefsen (§rytteme) 3rd. Finally, for the Ds, David Sri took the win a minute ahead Sjoerd Wildshut and Damien Toomer.


Here is the race commentary from Nathan Guerra.
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TFC Autumn Series – Dec 2nd / Provisional results :
A Category:
1- J.Pluijmers (NED-Team X)
2- B.Boniface (CAN-PTz)
3- J.Nossen (NOR-FSK)

B Category:
1- A.Wierus (POL-Team Poland)
2- G.Zaranko (POL-Team Poland)
3- W.Ondracka (USA-U/A)

C Category:
1- J.Millot (CAN-U/A)
2- R.Termaat (NED-DAFC)
3- R.Tellefsen (NOR-§rytteme)

D Category:
1- D.Sri (CAM-U/A)
2- S.Wildshut (NED-U/A)
3- D.Toomer (GBR-U/A)

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