Tacx is pushing the boundaries of smart trainers in a big way with the announcement of their Magnum smart bike/run treadmill.

Ultimate realism?

According to Tacx, both running and riding on the Magnum are very realistic. The bottom of the Magnum was designed to slightly dent when your foot lands on it, but is stiff as concrete while cycling. A foam core is placed in between two aluminium plates, allowing for a bit of flex when running while remaining stiff for tires.

And of course, it works with Zwift, as well as other software that works with Bluetooth and/or ANT+.

How does it work?

According to Bike Radar:

The Magnum smart trainer is much cleverer than just a rolling road. As we held onto the side and spun up to speed, the treadmill works with your acceleration and light sensors on the treadmill sides (lit up between blue, green, and red) read your position on the bike.

If you push too far forward it will gently increase the resistance to put you back in the zone, and if you fall backwards it will decrease to allow you to accelerate — and if you stop suddenly or brake, the Magnum reacts in a split second to prevent you from falling.

The sensation of the Magnum takes a few spins to get used to, it’s unlike a set of rollers as you have much more freedom to balance and move around on the bike, though once it ‘clicks’ it’s a very impressive tool.


  • Incline range: 0-15% (can be adjusted manually or automatically) with simulated inclines up to 20%
  • Speed range: 2,4 – 30km/rh (when riding faster than 30km/hr, the belt will increase the incline so that you can push the needed Watts)
  • Speed adjustment: manual or automatic
  • Weight: 150kg
  • Footprint: 222.5×102.5cm
  • Includes 32″ screen
  • Projected price: ~€7,000


According to Tacx: “The Magnum will be delivered at your door step and installed by a certified team. It is available from November in selected countries: Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.”

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