The third and final stage of the ODZ Omnium led the racers through the hardest roads of London: all of them, as they took on the “London 8” course. In the A category, the two main contenders, Brett Boniface and Justin Purificati (Team ODZ), went head-to-head for the major part of the race. Boniface ultimately went on to take the win after having gone through the hellish situation set by Team ODZ.

Boniface and Purificati.

Attacking before the first climb of Box Hill, Brett Boniface showed his intentions early on in the race. At the top of the climb, only 4 riders composed the lead group, with a sub-6 time up the KoM: Brett Boniface, Justin Purificati (Team ODZ), Robert Lyons (Team ODZ) and Alexandre Gagnon (Team ODZ). This lead group quickly grew his advantage over the chase, but exploded coming into the second climb of Box Hill. Relentlessly attacking the GC leader, Brett Boniface earned his “q/l Report Super Combative” award for the ODZ Omnium, but more importantly, the opportunity to duel Purificati for the stage win. In the final head-to-head sprint, Boniface was the fastest to cross the line, taking the stage victory. Regarding the general classification, Justin Purificati (Team ODZ) ended up on the highest spot of the podium. Boniface took 2nd place, and Alexander Koop managed to keep his 3rd place.

Ron Sines going takes the stage win.

In the B category, the first climb of Box Hill allowed the main contenders to form a big group, including Lefebvre (Team ODZ), Mosbaek (Vision), Anderson (KissRT), Divine (Team ODZ), Sines (Team ODZ), Denning (Team ODZ) and Leech (Team ODZ). Going into the second lap, only 3 of them remained for the stage win: Peter Mosbaek (Vision), Ron Sines (Team ODZ) and Tex “Batman” Divine (Team ODZ). Ultimately, the Vision rider went on to be the “referee” in the match opposing Sines to the GC leader, Divine. Ultimately, Sines went on to take the stage win with a comfortable lead over Divine, Mosbaeck taking 3rd place. GC-wise, Tex “Batman” Divine (Team ODZ) held on to his advantage and won the B Category classification. Ron Sines (Team ODZ) took 2nd place, and Stephane Lefebvre (Team ODZ) took 3rd place.

Street takes over

For the Cs, the race was tense as Skyler Street (KissRT) was only 6 points behind GC-leaders Leigh Huberdeau (Team WBR) and Tim Dodd (Team ODZ), tied at first place. The KRT rider went alone in the first lap and managed to hold on to his position to take the stage win. The fierce battle for 2nd place was won by Jules Gagnon (Team ODZ), in front of Leigh Huberdeau (Team WBR) and Tim Dodd (Team ODZ). In the General Classification, Skyler Street (KissRT) and Leigh Huberdeau (Team WBR) ended up tied, but Street’s 2 stage wins might give him an advantage over the Canadian racer.

Lyons’ helping hand.

Consistent in his effort for the 3 stages, Art Pacione won the D category race for the 3rd day in a row. Finally, the “q/l Report Combativity Award” for stage 3 goes to Robert Lyons (Team ODZ), sacrificing himself for his teammates Justin Purificati and Alexandre Gagnon. “Rob did a fantastic teammate job“, says Gagnon. “He paced us well on the flat sections, and he came back for me when I got dropped on the second climb of Box Hill. Staying along was a huge help for me, to keep away from Koop, in order to go for the podium. Rob played the ultimate teammate card.

Here is the race commentary from Jesper Anker.
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ODZ Omnium #3/Provisional Results:
A Category:
1- B.Boniface (CAN-U/A)
2- J.Purificati (CAN-Team ODZ)
3- A.Gagnon (CAN-Team ODZ)
GC: J.Purificati (CAN-Team ODZ)
B Category:
1- R.Sines (USA-Team ODZ)
2- T.Divine (USA-Team ODZ)
3- P.Mosbaek (DEN-Vision)
GC: T.Divine (USA-Team ODZ)
C Category:
1- S.Street (USA-KissRT)
2- J.Gagnon (CAN-Team ODZ)
3- L.Huberdeau (CAN-Team WBR)
GC: S.Street (USA-KissRT)
D Category:
1- A.Pacione (USA-U/A)
q/l Report Combativity: R.Lyons (USA-Team ODZ)
q/l Report Super Combative: B.Boniface (CAN-U/A)

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