challenge-mayFrom challenge organizer Al Clewley–here’s this month’s challenge!

This month’s Strava climbing challenge is dedicated to “sending some love to the athletes on Mt. Everest by climbing 8848 meters”.

That’s a big ask on Zwift in one go, so instead (and still far from easy), this month I’m challenging you to climb 8848 feet in one Zwift session.

1. Post a qualifying screenshot with the height range shown between 8848 and 8858 feet inclusive. (Use the ‘U’ key to select units to “feet”!) Post your screenshot on the Zwift Riders thread.

That’s it! You can ride long and flat or take several trips up the mountain. Obviously Richmond rides would count as well. Add your Everest ‘story’ to the post if you like.

As usual, all qualifying entries will be entered into a draw for 2 Zwift bidons. Entry closes at 12:00 GMT on 1st June 2016.

Lastly, if anyone is crazy enough to do the 8848 METERS, the first to post that achievement will automatically get 2 bidons! Qualifying pic would need to show between 8848 and 8858 METERS. Ride must be during this challenge month.

Have fun!