Kinetic’s new Smart Control unit

US-based Kinetic has officially entered the smart trainer market with yesterday’s unveiling of their “Kinetic Smart Control.”

Available on Kinetic’s highly-regarded Rock and Roll and Road Machine trainer frames, the new resistance unit is a step up from Kinetic’s previous “smart” offerings which offered power measurement but not controllable resistance.

The resistance unit can also be purchased by itself for installation on an existing Kinetic frame, bringing the connected, power calculating, resistance controlled experience to current Rock and Roll, Road Machine, Magnetic, or Cyclone trainer owners.

According to Kinetic:

Each new trainer model features an electronically-controlled Power Unit, a massive flywheel delivering the highest inertia of any smart trainer on the market, ultra-quiet operation, accurate and reproducible power data, and a realistic ride feel. The Smart Control Power Unit is also available separately and is the ideal upgrade for a wide range of existing Kinetic trainers.


Kinetic Rock and Roll Smart Control


Interestingly, the new smart control supports Bluetooth only–no ANT+. Kinetic is working with Zwift to make sure the smart control units will work seamlessly once they are rolled out.

Power accuracy is +/-3%

Maximum wattage, incline simulation, and flywheel size not available at this time.


  • Rock and Roll – Smart Control: $849 USD
  • Road Machine – Smart Control: $649 USD
  • Smart Control Power Unit: $549 USD

Kinetic Road Machine Smart Control


Kinetic says the trainers will be available late September in the USA, and sometime in October to the rest of the world.