In 25 days, Zwift Insider will turn 2 years old. In that time the site has gone from being one of many Zwift-related resources to the top Zwift fansite. It has been referenced in GCN videos, ZwiftHQ materials, and various cycling media websites. This site now contains 500+ informative posts and boasts very significant daily traffic numbers. (In fact, I anticipate peaking at around 30k daily visitors this season!)

I’m proud of what Zwift Insider has become, but I know it can be so much more. In fact, to truly serve the growing global Zwift community, Zwift Insider must transition to something bigger. It has to move from being “Eric-powered” to being community-driven. There is just too much going on in Zwift for me to cover it all. Simply put… I need help!

So I’m reaching out to Zwifters worldwide, looking for contributors. If you want to write a post or two, that’s great. If you want to commit to being an ongoing part of the team, with regular contributions, that’s even better. 

Let’s Talk Specifics

So far, Zwift Insider posts have focused on these general topics:

My goal is a team of 5-10 regular contributors, each focused on topic(s) they are passionate about. To be a part of this core team contributors will need to write at least one post per month, although I expect many will contribute much more than that.

Team members will also be invited as we collaborate to decide how to strategically position Zwift Insider for future success.

Get Inside ZwiftHQ!

ZwiftBlog has always maintained a positive and mutually-beneficial relationship with ZwiftHQ. I’ve been discussing this transition with them for weeks now, and they have made it very clear that they support Zwift Insider and want to see it thrive even more as it moves into this new phase.

We don’t have all the details in place, but I’ll say regular contributors can expect VIP treatment from ZwiftHQ, including opportunities to receive inside-track info on what’s coming next, and cool Zwift swag.


Email me at and let me know more about yourself and what kind of role you’d like to play. I’m open to ideas, so if you’re excited about something let me hear it!