James Hodges has built out a Zwift Critical Power tracker which shows power details for racers. It pulls from the same races as race tracking site ZwiftNation.com but gives more expanded rider data including weight, w/kg, normalized power, power zones and 20min/5min/1min bests. Here is the overview from the Thursday Training Race Americas A&B race from 2/25/16.


Overview of a recent race

James just rolled out a very cool new feature called the “Race Report” which breaks down each rider’s power levels in 30s averages over the course of the race. Here is the race report from the Thursday Training Race Americas A&B race from 2/25/16.

"Race report" from a recent race

“Race report” from a recent race

These numbers are pulled from riders’ Strava data, and from the sound of it riders are loving the ability to dig into power numbers in more detail.

It looks like René Rolighed is going to be building some of these features into version 2 of ZwiftNation.com. Hopefully we can get these detailed results consolidated in one place, while members of the community continue to push the boundaries to enhance these tools! Nice work everyone.