Tacx Magnum T9000 Rollers

Tacx's Magnum smart treadmill was a groundbreaking device when it was first displayed in 2016. But with a price tag around €8500, it feels sort of like Elite's Fuoripista - more of a concept device than something cyclists would actually purchase.

Still, you can't deny how cool the Magnum is. If you ever get a chance to test ride on, do it!


Key Specs

  • Max Incline: 15%

Where to Buy

This trainer is no longer in production, but you may find a good deal on used or old stock.

More Details

  • Brand: Tacx
  • Year Released: 2016  (No longer in production)
  • Does not require calibration
  • Weight: 150kg
  • Communication: ANT+ and Bluetooth
  • Physical Dimensions: 222.5×102.5cm
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Support App: Tacx Training

The Tacx Training app can be used to upgrade the firmware on your Tacx trainer, as well as calibrate any Tacx trainer that requires calibration. It’s also a training app, with films to ride through and structured workout capabilities.

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