Stages SC3 Smart Bike

The SC3 can communicate with Zwift via ANT+ and Bluetooth, but it doesn't adjust resistance automatically, allow for virtual shifting, or offer many of the other premium features from the StagesBike SB20. The SC3 is essentially a basic stationary bike that can transmit data to Zwift. For a bit more money, the much more advanced SB20 is probably a better choice!


Key Specs

  • MSRP: $2799 USD
  • Not interactive/controllable

Where to Buy

More Details

  • Brand: Stages
  • Requires Calibration
  • Communication: ANT+ and Bluetooth
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Support App: StagesPower

The StagesPower is very basic in terms of functionality, but that’s fine for most Zwifters who are just looking for its key features: calibration and firmware updating.

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