4iiii Fliiiight Wheel On Trainer

With its "zero contact technology" the Fliiiight certainly stands out from the crowd! Magnets are used to provide resistance with zero contact and tire wear. The Fliiiight is lightweight, portable, near-silent, and can run on batteries for 2+ hours. Aluminum alloy rims with a welded or aluminum sleeve joint required.


Key Specs

  • MSRP: $549.99 USD
  • Accuracy: +-1%
  • Max Wattage: 2200 W
  • Max Incline: 7%

More Details

  • Brand: 4iiii
  • Year Released: 2019  (In Production)
  • Axle Compatibility: 130/135mm quick release
  • Does not require calibration
  • Weight: 7.9kg
  • Cadence: Included
  • Communication: ANT+ FE-C, Bluetooth® FTMS
  • Physical Dimensions: L 552mm x W 741mm x H 450mm (21.7” x 29.2” x 17.7”)
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Support App: 4iiii

The 4iiii app (called “4iiii Device Configuration” on Android) lets you update firmware and calibrate your 4iiii devices. It also lets you change some settings on your Fliiiight smart trainer, which may be necessary depending on wheel size.

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