Automatically Cycle Camera Angles in Zwift

Automatically Cycle Camera Angles in Zwift

Here’s a quick hack sent in by Zwifter John (aka “Victor Echo”):

Ever wanted to have Zwift cycle through the camera views while you’re riding hard enough to puke and can’t let go of the handlebars lest you fall to the floor in a puddle of sweat? Perhaps you’re streaming your ride, and want to give viewers some interesting in-game angles?

Enter AutoHotKey – a simple scripting program that allows you to create a list of key presses with delays and send them to Zwift as if you were pushing the keys.

I’ve created a simple script that will cycle through all 9 available camera angles, automatically changing them every 15 seconds.

Right click the exe file and go to properties, then select “Run as Administrator” to always run the file with adequate permissions.

Making It Work

(The following instructions apply only to Windows users – sorry I don’t have a Mac!)

  • Download and extract the exe file from it. The file needs to be run as an administrator.
  • Once in Zwift, press Win+1 to start the script, and Win+2 to pause the script. And you can control the camera as normal whenever you’d like.

Creating a Custom Script

If you’re afraid of my exe file, or if you want to create a custom script with just your favorite angles, you can edit the ahk file included in the zip file linked above in your favorite text editor. (You’ll also need to download and install the free program AutoHotKey and compile your own exe.)

Standard Disclaimers

I run Zwift in Windowed Mode – and it seems to work quite smoothly – haven’t tried it full screen.

I’m not a professional programmer nor do I play one on TV, but this was a really simple way to get Zwift to do what I wanted.

Have fun and keep Zwifting!

About The Author

Eric Schlange

Eric runs Zwift Insider in his spare time when he isn't on the bike or managing various business interests. He lives in Northern California with his beautiful wife, two kids and dog. Follow on Strava

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2 months ago

This was exactly what I never knew I NEEDED, many thanks Eric and aka ‘victor echo’

Vlada (@demon2307)
2 months ago

script does not work win 10

Dan Messina
2 months ago

As a frequent race livestreamer this is a perfect solution for the boring pov angles. Thanks. btw…works on win 10 pro no issue

PopRiu (@popriu1)
2 months ago

script does not work win 10

Colin Peerman
Colin Peerman
2 months ago
Reply to  PopRiu

have you compiled it with autohotkey? it isn’t a windows script

Paul Himes
Paul Himes
2 months ago

Haven’t tried it (yet), but I can definitely see the value of one of these that cycles through a few specific views (maybe just 1 and 6) during TTT races. When I get deep in the red, I forget to check my back view to make sure there aren’t any gaps. Automatically doing that for me would be great.

2 months ago

How is this different from the similar functionality in Companion? If I press the camera in ZC, one of the options is a cycling angles mode.

7 days ago

( I made a similar one, with more bells and whistles, and more configurability. Check it out, details in the forum post: )

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