Author: Eric Schlange

Zwift Facebook Groups

With so many members and a straightforward interface, Facebook provides an easy way for people to form groups around particular interests. Here are some Zwift groups you may want to join on Facebook. Zwift Riders: this is the big group Zwift Racers: for race-related discussion Zwift Workouts: for sharing and discussing Zwift workouts Zwift Coders: for the computer nerds in the Zwift community. Analytics, code samples, integration projects, etc. Zwift Venting Area: want to whine about Zwift issues–or (more commonly) poke fun at those whining about Zwift issues? Do it here. Zwift Sub 2w/kg: for folks who want to do slower rides Zwift Ladies: just for the girls. Zwift Over 50’s: for the older crowd Zwift Oz: a large group of Australian Zwifters Zwift UK: a large group of UK-based Zwifters Zwift West Oz (ZWOZ) Zwift ODZ Know of other groups? Let me know by posting them in the comments...

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“The Rules” – Zwift Style

Most of us are probably familiar with “The Rules.” (In fact, rule #9 may shame you quite often now that you’re loving Zwift so much.) I was thinking–what are some “rules” for Zwifters? Here are some I came up with, as well as some others from the Zwift Riders FB group: Learn and live the #RideOn philosophy. Use a fan. Or fans. Otherwise you’ll sweat so much you’ll be forced to stop riding. And nobody wants that. Weather has no bearing on whether or not you will Zwift today. Only ISP or computer problems may veto your chances of Zwift joy. No...

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Looking for a sweet deal on a Zwift computer? $305 for Alienware Alpha here! has a nice deal on an Alienware Alpha Compact Desktop. This is the same computer as the $499 machine Alienware sells on their Zwift page, except with the Slickdeals coupon code knocking off $200, plus a $45 mail-in rebate, your total cost (including shipping) comes to $305! See details/buy now > It really works–a local friend of mine bought one last night. Note: I haven’t personally tested this machine, but it should be able to run Zwift in ultra mode just fine. Again, this is the same machine Alienware recommends on their Zwift...

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Updating your Tacx Vortex Smart brake firmware

I love my Vortex Smart, but one morning I woke up and found that it had zero resistance and a solid amber-colored light instead of the happy blinking green. Fortunately a little research helped me solve my problem–now I’m sharing that solution with you. Firmware for your Tacx Vortex Smart’s brake unit is updated using a different process from updating the main computer firmware. While the main computer firmware can be updated easily via the Tacx utility app (iPhone and Android), to my knowledge the brake firmware can only be updated using the process below. You do not need to upgrade your brake firmware unless the unit isn’t operating properly. If the light on the unit is an amber (orange) color, this indicates a brake issue. Typically this can be fixed with a brake firmware upgrade. Below are instructions for upgrading the brake firmware using a Windows PC. Note: you must have an ANT+ USB dongle installed on your PC to perform this update. If you do not have TTS4 (Tacx trainer software), please download and install it here (it’s a big file which downloads slowly, so it’ll take an hour or two). Unzip the folder/extract the folder and save on your computer. Now you have the complete installation disc on your PC. Run the setup.exe in the root folder. The TTS4 software will be installed. Run the “Tacx Trainer...

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The Major Winter 2018