The best slow group rides on Zwift

The best slow group rides on Zwift

I’ve had many Zwifters ask which group rides to join when targeting a slower pace. Some riders are looking for a slower recovery ride (and we know recovery is key!) while others simply don’t have the fitness to maintain 3-4 w/kg for any length of time.

For both of these groups, it is important to find slow group rides that stick to their advertised pace. Some group rides on Zwift do a very good job of this, while others do not. (And group rides never seem to go below the advertised pace, but they are often above it!)

Below are the results of an informal survey on the Zwift Riders Facebook group asking for recommendations of group rides at or below 2.5w/kg. Each time someone gave a recommendation for a ride we gave that ride +1. Ride comments are also included, when available.

Keep in mind that, even if a ride states a particular w/kg, you may need to ride at a higher pace to keep up with the group if you are lighter weight. Read this post for an explanation why.

PAC (+17)

From the Leader(s):

Within PAC, all the leaders have the same style of leading, with the focus on riding together at the described speed. The riders that join are very disciplined, making it a pleasure to lead! We always run with sweeps and running on discord.

Read an interview with PAC leader Steve Clogg

Links: Facebook Group


  • They stick to the pace like glue, PAC also offer and run a wed sub 1.5 which has received a lot of praise from the peeps that have done it. They also have great chats on discord whilst running the rides and are extremely friendly and helpful
  • Rode the PAC 1.5 ride today for recovery and it was well paced and controlled with a majority of the group staying right around the 1.5 w/kg. There was very good communication from the ride leader.
  • I’ve done a few pac sub 2 rides and they’ve all been run perfectly! 
  • PAC sub2 rides are brilliant. I’m new to Zwift and have done them over the last 3 weeks on a Monday at 6.15GMT. Fantastic ride, great leaders and funny chatter.
  • PAC 1.5 w/kg is as advertised. With sweepers! Great as a recovery ride!! (Data analysis shows 1.7 w/kg)
  • Well organised, no-drop, swept and a really good group of people. They also use Discord for chat.
  • Very well controlled and informative comms kept it together.
  • Any PAC Social ride with Steve Clogg as leader is always exactly as promised!
ZZRC (+10)

From the Leaders:

Zwift Zlow (Slow) Riders Club. This Club is about people who just want to use Zwift for pure fitness purposes with no competition involved. This club is for people who are, disabled, older, semi disabled or even the younger generation. Also people undergoing physiotherapy, or new beginners to cycling.

Some guys just cannot do 20- 80k a day. So we have a do what you can attitude and encourage each other. Basically anyone who cannot do loads of miles but wish to be part of a club without embarrassment. This will cover all kinds of people wishing to keep fit comfortably and help them to get fitter.

Read an interview with ZZRC leader John Barter

Links: Facebook Group


  • ZZRC run sub 2 & sub 3 rides on Mon wed and Fridays 18:40 & 19:30. They regularly stick to and work hard to keep the pace as described.
  • I think their leaders have been great at giving prompts to keep the rides to the advertised pace
  • Did a sub 2.0 with ZZRC, it was very good and run as advertised. Chat was great, sweepers sweeping, leader leading.
  • All the ZZRC rides are great with attentive leaders like Monica Cross Holmes and Bruver John who do a super job of keeping the group together.
  • The ZZRC sub 2.0 is for real if you stay with the leader. People always go off the front (sometimes the legs feel better than you thought they would). Just ignore them and hang with the leader and you’ll be fine.
WSR (+6)

From the Leader(s)

WSR isn’t quite every weekend, but as a general rule, we ride 4 times per month on the weekends. We’re always in the event module, so the upcoming rides are easy to find once they’re in the queue. Ride On!


  • Roughly about 2w/kg, but ride to the slowest person there, No chasing of anyone who shoots off the front. No racing of any form, Just a social light easy session.
  • Phil and John do great jobs. No drop. Very friendly.
  • The leader does great keeping the pace & has numerous reminders about keeping the pace & regrouping.
  • These are usually on Saturdays/Sundays at 8:00AM EST and always include a Leader and a Sweep. No one gets dropped, not one gets chased. Everyone helps each other, This is one of the original groups from Zwift Beta and proud to be part of it
  • Doing a WSR ride should be mandatory for everyone, including potential ride leaders. Phil Roukis and John Mora have got this figured out. They never let the pace get out of control, and no riders are left behind. Almost two years strong!
Ro4H (+4)

From the Leader(s)

Whether riding or running, Zwift is best experienced together. RO4H is about health, friendship, encouragement, and community. We are more than simply a schedule of offered group events. We are a home on Facebook where you can meet new friends, proudly share your achievements and goals, receive and offer support, and plan rides and runs together. Our hope is that you would never have to ride alone during our social rides regardless of your skill level.

Links: Facebook Group / Teamup Calendar


  • RO4H no question about it. This is THE one that fits the bill. Regular rides on Tues-Fri mornings early Eastern time. Tuesday and Friday afternoons Eastern and weekends whenever WSR is off. Also, numerous impromptu rides posted on the Facebook Group page with awesome people. Their motto is: “nobody rides alone.” No doubt. This is your group.
  • More informal, often not official in the Zwift lists, is Ride on 4 Health. (RO4H) Great group. All rides are reasonable. less than 1.5 w/kg and no drop are 1.4-1.6 The 2-3 rides I’ve been on never go above 2.
TGIF (+3)

Read interview with leaders Eric Grant and Wes Salmon


  • Ride on friday Eve is a strict 2W/Kg. Very moderate pace. 
  • Rides on Fridays 2.2 controlled by really good leaders and there is a ongoing contest to see who can be closest to the leader.
Honorable Mentions (+1 or 2)

Here is a list of rides which received one or two recommendations, sorted in no particular order. I have included comments as well!

  • Zwift Fitness*
    • Pete Donohues’ new group. Lots of innovative info and interesting group rides. Many tailored to slower riders. Pete is awesome and very motivated to help everyone achieve their fitness goals. He sticks to the stated pace and won’t chase. Very fun group.
  • Bike2DC Training Ride
  • ODZentury
    • at 0530 EST on Sunday morning is 2.5. Great experienced leaders and nice group. Not in the event module cause riders come and go for hours. Meet up at start finish line of whichever course and make sure you ask which direction.
  • ODZ Coffee Ride
    • on Wednesday starts with a 2.2 portion and finishes with an optional race lap. We have sweepers that help the slower riders. This ride is in the event module.
  • WBR Sub 2.0 Social Ride*
    • Their rides are SPOT ON the advertised pace.
  • Pacific Clydesdales Thursday Tempo Ride is great if you stay with the pack. I did it last week and ended up with about 2.4w/kg. It was a nice break from “racing” or playing catch-up.Thursday 9:40pm EST
  • ZHCC*:
    • Sub2 on Sunday is usually pretty good. About 2.2 w/kg I would say…. Although I did get dropped last weekend.
    • ZHCC SUB2. The leader communicates continually with the group. Bandits are left to go off on their own.
  • SUB2 NA*
  • UK SUB2
  • ZSUN
  • RDG
    • ride 2.5 w/kg with some added sprints of higher watts but they regroupe very well lead
  • Zwift – Zwift Fitness Beginners Radio Tower Climb
  • AVC Mild Ride (Tuesday 1810 UTC)
    • I believe the leader was Richard Youngblood. Stuck to the advertised 1/5/2/2.5 W/Kg levels across 9 laps around the volcano, controlled the group very well, kept up the flow of text messages on what was coming. etc
  • Castelli SkillZ and DrillZ Ride on Wednesday at 6:30 PM
    • is normally below 2.5. When it goes above that, it is for a specific learning objective and goes back to 1.0-1.5 to regroup. No chasing by the ride leader.
  • ZSG Recovery Monday
  • SZR*
    • The Swedish Zwift Racing SUB 2, lead by Mikael Jonsson, is always well-run. The ride leader does a good job of keeping people corralled (up to a certain point, after which people are free to sprint if they want to), and doesn’t hesitate to disqualify people on if they refuse to stick with the group. I always look forward to the SZR rides.
    • Sub2 on Mondays.
  • Swollen Beacon*:
    • The leader takes screenshots at 5 min intervals. The aggregate closest to the leader at each interval gets a Zwift gift card. Riders are competing to ride on top of the leader.
    • Leader uses ERG to make sure pace is 2.0 – 2.4 within the Peloton as stated in Ride description.
  • Watts Up With Power, Wednesday’s at 6:30am PST, 1.5-1.8w/kg

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