Watopia is available every day while the other maps rotate as “Guest Worlds” according to the calendar below. This gives Zwifters access to three worlds (Watopia + two guest worlds) at any given time.

< November 2019 >
        1New YorkNew York 2New YorkNew York 3New YorkNew York
4YorkshireYorkshire 5LondonLondon 6LondonLondon 7LondonLondon 8RichmondRichmond 9InnsbruckInnsbruck 10InnsbruckInnsbruck
11YorkshireYorkshire 12New YorkNew York 13New YorkNew York 14New YorkNew York 15YorkshireYorkshire 16LondonLondon 17LondonLondon
18LondonLondon 19LondonLondon 20LondonLondon 21LondonLondon 22InnsbruckInnsbruck 23New YorkNew York 24New YorkNew York
25RichmondRichmond 26LondonLondon 27LondonLondon 28New YorkNew York 29New YorkNew York 30New YorkNew York  
 New York

Keep in mind the guest course changeover happens at midnight Eastern/9pm Pacific (4am UTC the following day).

If you’d like to ride an off-schedule course, see How To Access the Route You Want

See archived calendars (November 2019 and older)